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shopping sustainably 🌍

1. Use sortin coins


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Redeem 1 sortin coin for 1 Rupee discount

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2. Collect sortin coins


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Get 1 sortin coin for 100g of CO2 saved

You can collect sortin coins by:

1. Shopping with sustainable partner brands

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2. Download the sortin app and earn more:a. for shopping with 120+ sustainable brands b. completing sustainable challenges like taking the metro, cycle, walking.

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3. How much is 100g co2e ?

100 grams of CO2 is equivalent to:


2 trees

removing CO2 in a day


500 meters

driven in a petrol car


2 hours

of lighting a 60-watt light bulb


1 movie

streamed in high-definition


0.5 km

in a typical passenger plane

4. Why carbon emissions?sortin coin

Our aim is to empower you to compare what is truly sustainable and how much.

And we're focusing on CO2 emissions because it's the main culprit behind climate change.

Recognizing the urgent need to tackle climate change, nations and organizations worldwide are striving to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to zero. Since CO2 is a major GHG, it's often used as a measure for overall emissions.

Hence, every gram of CO2 saved counts toward a more sustainable future.

And hey, doing good deserves recognition, right? That's why we believe in rewarding your efforts.

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